It’s starting this weekend!

Join us THIS SATURDAY (Feb. 18th) for our first musical gathering. We'll be practicing our songs and dance moves for the Welcome Back Doug Protest Party taking place on February 25th.

Greenbelt Guardians Present:

To attend Sing Together for Mother Earth, please rsvp here.

  • There’s a HUGE event planned for 11am, Saturday, February 25th at Queen’s Park. The “Welcome” Back Doug Protest Party is being organized with some of our concerned partners. Learn more at
  • We’ve launched our website! Please visit There you can learn more about our plans and find the threatened parcels of land using our interactive map.
  • Want to help monitor a threatened parcel of land near you? Sign up here to be a Land Scout!
  • Want to volunteer to support Greenbelt Guardians and the Land Scouts? Fill out the volunteer form here!

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