Updates and Current Status

  • • We are currently building a website for Greenbelt Guardians
    • Here people will be able to learn about our work, new volunteers will be able to sign up, and Regional Response Teams will be able to update an interactive map of threatened lands with information about potential development starts.
  • • We will be providing online training on direct action starting in the next few weeks for those interested in being on the front lines or supporting the front lines.
    • Please fill out the volunteer form to ensure you receive info about this training.
  • • We will do our best to reach out to anyone interested in joining us and organizing local teams to do this vitally important work
    • Currently we’re working on developing a follow-up process to contact those of you who have filled out the form and have particular interests or skills.
  • • We are planning a day of in-person training on Saturday, February 18th, 2023 (which will also be livestreamed and available for you to attend online).

Please stay tuned for more updates.

In the coming weeks we will share more about what our support for the network of Regional Response Teams will look like at a provincial level and what kind of support we can offer local groups as they emerge – and we would appreciate if you would fill in the volunteer form.