What You Can Do Now

  • Monitor your local land areas – Check this map here to see the location of lands we aim to protect. Scouts from some Regional Response Teams are already out on the land.
    • If you do see signs of development starting, report back immediately through Slack or to your local group.
  • Start talking with others to build a larger team of people
    • Gather more scouts to help with surveillance of a property or parcel of land & people who are willing to learn about non-violent direct action.
    • Aim to have 20+ people in the Regional Response Team.
  • If you’re interested in being part of the work supporting the Regional Response Teams, let us know! -> Fill out our volunteer form here.
    • What are you interested in helping out with?
    • What are your skills?
      How much time are you able to invest?
  • Create a list of influential people and media in your area/municipality.
  • Join our Greenbelt Guardians Slack workspace to communicate directly with other team members and stay in the loop on the latest developments.
  • Attend an upcoming rally or organize your own
    • Environmental Defence is continuing to facilitate ongoing rallies at MPPs offices in January and February – see this webpage for the list of local rallies.
      • Please go ahead and organize a rally in your area anytime to let our MPPs know we have our eyes on them. We are very pleased to report that CUPE is joining our cause and will also be participating in local rallies to Repeal Bill 23.
  • Please fill out the volunteer form if you haven’t yet done so.